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Add a bit more of a variety of the clothes the people wear, add some people that you have to sneak behind or they will close their legs before you can confront them, and make the map a little bit smaller because while you're jumping and running its hard (for at least my computer to handle) to confront everyone without lag. Anyways all that aside, awesome game, plz keep working on it :D (Btw got here from the Kubz Scouts idk if u know him but this game is on his channel on the series "Random Free Games"

Woah.. Could you send me the link? Thank you for the awesome comment.. I've actually moved on from making this game .. Since it went unnoticed (like all my other games here) .. But yeah,I'll work on an update when I get some free time..Thanks again!

Nice game man.. add levels and enemies

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Will do in a future release, Thank You! :D