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The Mac rar isn't working. Any fixes?

Hi MadButler, try using the Dropbox link?

That doesn't work, either.

Hey , sorry for the late reply. Try getting the latest version of WinRAR and see if that helps. If that fails as well , I'll do a reupload and send you the link!

Had a lot of fun playing it, even if I found a glitch. Apparently jumping while getting caught in a battle lets you still move around during the battle so we were able to get the remaining pokemon without getting caught again. Still like the idea, looking forward to what else you can do with it.

Boy oh boy another gameplay with glitches! xD  I think you're playing version 3. Most bugs are fixed in version 5 .. Either way, awesome gameplay! I enjoyed it a lot .. Thank you! 

When i saw this was a Pokemon horror game! I needed to try it! And you did not disappoint i really enjoyed the game :) Can't wait for more :D

Hey milkandsockstv.. Thanks for the awesome review! I really enjoyed it. I will look into the bugs you encountered ASAP. 

An excellent spin on Pokemon :D.

The game did break the first time i played it but after that it was pretty cool lol.

Btw love the lavender town music in the background.

Thank you for the review!  Oh man you indeed broke the game.. I actually didn't think anyone would run into that situation where you run into a Pokeball and a ghost at the same time.. Will fix that soon! And about the names.. I had them altered in an early version.. I guess I forgot to rename them back.. Thanks again!

This game is not for the weak souls

haha Totally! Thanks for the review fam <3

Unfortunately I cannot open the PokeCave Win rar for windows.

Tried multiple times to open it but just seems to be corrupt?

Same happens to Mac and Linux too?

Hi , gonna look into it right now! Which archive software did you use btw?

Just tested.. The download is working fine out here. Will send you a copy uploaded to Google Drive soon!

Hi,please check out the download in this link and see if it works!

I just use 7zip.

The google drive one works fine thanks!

Not sure why the others didn't.

I have no idea either.. Let me know when you try it out!

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Awesome concept, maybe this could be grown in to a tree someday :)
sorry... :3 I mean add more content and environments to explore with levels and Boke care system (incl. an inventory)
But what was most needed for me during the gameplay was to use a map to keep track of the areas I've explored, kind of annoying when you visit the same area more than once by accident. In case you might get the impression that since this is a horror game a map might make things easy, keep in mind a user can always draw a mind map or draw it on paper.
Good luck and keep up the great work Isuru-san! ^ ^ kawaii

Thank you! Since it's a horror game I really didn't want to go further with the Inventory system. And yeah, I don't see a mini map fitting into a horror game that well. Anyway.. thanks again! :D